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Med Spa Treatments

This includes teeth whitening, Diamond Microdermabrasion, Micro Needling, etc.


Biofeedback is a technique you can use to learn to control some of your body's functions, such as your heart rate. During biofeedback, you're connected to electrical sensors that help you receive information about your body. A biofeedback relaxation and stress management device records subtle, reactive information provided by the client during the assessment procedure. The computer evaluates such response, then challenges the body with similar information by delivering it back to the client.*

This feedback helps you make subtle changes in your body, such as relaxing certain muscles, to achieve the results you want, such as reducing pain. In essence, biofeedback gives you the ability to practice new ways to control your body, often to improve a health condition or physical performance. 

Initial Biofeedback Session with Consultation

Ionic Foot Bath

Ionic foot detox machines are a revolution in natural  medicine, utilizing negative ions and in some cases positive ions to  bring the body back into balance, thereby strengthening the immune  system, assisting with internal body cleanse, and improving overall  health

Infrared Sauna

$1.00 (Per Minute)

Sit in our Infrared Sauna and enjoy a natural detox and weight loss treatment. 20 to 30 minutes and you will be feeling great!!

Pristine Diamond-Dermabrasion Facial


Diamond (Micro-dermabrasion) services employ gentle abrasion to exfoliate and remove the dead outer layers of skin clean your pores and give you smooth and beautiful skin while reducing discoloration, acne scars, and fine wrinkles.

A complete medical aesthetic solution, Pristine treats a range of common skin conditions – including aging, sun exposure, acne, scars tissue and stretch marks – to improve the overall quality and appearance of your skin.

Free of irritation and any discomfort, Pristine procedures offer you a fully customizable, clean and aesthetic treatment experience that is relaxing, enjoyable and delivers results from the very first treatment.

Oasis Detox Package


Enjoy this amazing total detox package that includes:

-30 min. Infrared Sauna

-30 min. of Parrafin Hand Treatment & Ionic Foot Detox

You don't want to miss trying out this package for your health and wellness needs!

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